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before I tell you what cause laziness. we need to know that  why we are lazy?  so let's take an example. let me ask you a question!
  • do we feel lazy when we watch movies?
  • or  do we feel lazy when we are having fun?
  • do we feel lazy when we do party? 

so  in all the above cases the answer is no!

we don't feel lazy at all when we do all  these things. but the question is why? why  don't we feel lazy? the answer is very  simple. we have interest in all  the things we do. we are excited when we do all these things. we are motivated  when we do all these things in a nutshell. we love to do these things  which we enjoy. so we love our work  that's why we don't have laziness

some  causes of laziness includes  procrastination.

so what is  procrastination?

Procrastination is a cause laziness.  procrastination means  postponing something. laziness  generally occurs from postponing  something that needs to be done now. if we postpone things it will make  things worse and much harder so we  should do things now by not postponing  anything that needs to be done tomorrow.

  • then comes exertion.

as we all know that our body requires  mental and physical activity in order to  do work. but we feel lazy when we are  exhausted our body cannot work 24×7  isn't it. it is advisable to plan our  work accordingly it is believed that  lazy people exhaust themselves doing non  important things such as partying,  playing games Romy exedra hence leaving  important things undone.

  • then comes lack of motivation.

Unmotivated is a cause laziness. if we love  our job we will be motivated to get  things done. we will be excited when we  are motivated. hence lack of motivation  leads to laziness 

  • then comes distraction

distractions is another cause laziness. there are several  things which can distract us from doing  our work. we generally get distracted by  social media, unrelated tasks and playing  games. avoid laziness we need to do  something new something which we have  interest and not boring explore. something different.


  • In this section you know more about what cause laziness

it's a problem for  all of us. because all of us have a  tendency every now and then to become lazy. we are ruled by this internal  lazy person we need to get rid of that. it's not only because of ourselves  but also because of our kids our employees our spouses and so on. we need to understand why laziness takes  place  laziness  takes place if motivation to protect  oneself is bigger than motivation to  take action this means that if someone  wants to take action they are afraid  they have some sort of suffering  connected with it some sort of maybe  fear or internal sabotage this is why  they become lazy and  laziness can take also four more forms 

  • laziness can take also four more forms

  • the first one is being  passive someone doesn't do a thing 

  • secondly they do things very  superficially

so for example they're  supposed to clean the room but what they  do they just move few objects around and  that's it or they do something which is  reason.

  • number three which is a  substitute

they were supposed to learn  for examination but what they do is they  read a book or something else I mean  they might even do something useful like  tidy the room but they don't learn so  this is basically a lie they cheat on  themselves
  • the number four ofcourse  procrastination

so these are our  fundamental forms that laziness takes  and what are the reasons for it.
well  firstly people are afraid of success! this might surprise you but people are  really afraid of success. because of  different reasons.

so let's imagine a  situation that somebody makes a lot of  money. now they realize that they  don't want to work. where they used to  work so they need to confront the boss . they will have a difficult  conversation but they don't like  difficult conversations. they don't want  to help them so they say, well I have you  know a weight so they protect myself  from it I simply won't make money so  that I don't  to talk to my boss. maybe my spouse  will be jealous and I don't want to  quarrel with them. I don't want to have  that sort of discussion so maybe I don't  they become successful.

imagine that you become the siblings and  your girlfriend or boyfriends they are  lazy then the other party is in trouble. because now they see that they truly are  lazy by comparing themselves to you. so  they have two options either to go along  and start being disciplined just like  you are or most probably they will start  making jokes about you or somehow  sabotaging what you did. another reason  for avoiding success how can you make  sure that someone who becomes super ably  attractive won't feel and become  narcissistic and show around boast  arounds demonstrating they are better  than others.

someone makes more money and  it turns out that they become greedy  right now so people are afraid of  success because they don't have the  right personality to manage the success. that they have that's the reason why  most people who win in lottery after two  years they lose all the money they want. simply they can't manage what  happens whether they are emotions with  their relationships so on

so you  need to realize that success is like a  knife.  knife can cut vegetables or bread  or you can cut your fingers depending  how you can manage it. make sure you  achieve success so that inspires you  rather turns you into someone whose  behaviour is unacceptable.

people also become lazy because they are  afraid of the fact that something might  not work out. they want to avoid the risk  that it's not going to go the way they  think paradoxically. when they avoid  taking action then obviously they can  not make mistakes but also they can not  achieve anything.

another reason is I am afraid that I  will not fulfil someone's expectations. I will disappoint someone! so I don't  take action so that I don't disappoint  anyone. but this way of course I need to  become lazy children quite often become lazy. because they want to mother's or  Father's to pay attention to them.  it is a toxic  why but it does work to get some sort of  attention or love laziness can also be  connected with the capitalistic Homo  economicus way of thinking very  characteristic for today's times when  people want instant gratification and  without hard work they simply think how  can I achieve something without putting  too much effort. so it doesn't work in  many cases like you can actually grow  muscle. if you don't go to the gym so  they become lazy. because this way they  can somehow protect themselves from hard  work.

bad company can be a reason for  laziness if your pulse or your friends  are lazy. you might have a tendency to be  loyal to them and be lazy as well or maybe because your targets your  objectives are too simple your  intelligence. the things you have  chosen to do are quite easy they're too  simple. simply so you become lazy because  you know you can do it like this you  need to take on something more difficult  because difficulty becomes a challenge  and challenges will stimulate you.

so there's many reasons to be lazy. it's  good to know why people are lazy because  now you can do something about this. we will in my another move in my another  video I'm going to give you very  concrete solutions for this.

that's all for today, I hope you Enjoy This article.

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