[Summer heath tips] Best Health Tips For Summer 2020

Summer heath tips

summer tips

Summer heath tips: I'm here to give you summer tips in a unique way.  You must be wondering that I was talking about love the other day.  And why I'm giving you summer tips.  There's a reason for it. People are getting irritated by the heat.  But they aren't thinking as to how it can be controlled.  So I'm here to give you summer tips.  After I share these essentials with you  if it works for you, you must subscribe to our blog share and comment this article.  Otherwise, you'll feel hotter.

So what are we waiting for? Let's get started. 

Summer essentials. The gender and age doesn't matter.  It applies to everybody.  Whatever it is, you must carry these summer essential items in your bag.  

  • The main thing is an umbrella. 

You must use an umbrella.  Because it stops the sun rays from falling on your face directly.  I have seen many people feel shy to use an umbrella.  I don't understand why. It is okay.  There's nothing which states that umbrellas should be used only in the rainy season.  You can use it during summers too.  I tell many people to use umbrellas.  They think what others might think about them.  What nonsense! That is okay.  If you use an umbrella during summers  the sun rays won't hit your skin directly.  If that doesn't happen  you won't feel dehydrated.  You keep complaining that you feel tired after reaching home.  That is because the sun rays are directly falling on your body.  That's the reason, you feel such a way.  So you must use an umbrella to avoid this.  If you use an umbrella, you won't feel that dehydrated.

  • Carry a water bottle

Second thing. Always carry a water bottle.  Don't just drink water in summers.  I'll give you some ingredients to add.  Take a paper and a pen and note these down.

  • For a liter of water 
  • add four pieces of cucumber
  • two pieces of lemon  
  • half cup of coriander leaves and 
  • a few mint leaves. 
You can add honey if you want If you drink this water  all the toxins of your body will be removed.  Your body will get detoxified.  When all the toxins are thrown out of your body  you'll feel relaxed. Not only that, you'll feel hydrated.  Instead of drinking normal water  drink fruits infused water.  You'll feel hydrated.  

  • buy Chia seeds!

I'll tell you about yet another magical drink.  Go to a supermarket and buy Chia seeds.  You'll get a packet of chia seeds.  Chia seeds are used in ice creams and Faloodas.  Not many people are aware of this.  Chia seeds removes the toxins in your body to a great extent.  You need to add a quarter spoon of chia seeds in 500 ml of water.  Also, add some lemon juice.  Leave it for an hour.  The chia seeds would have become big in an hour.  You'll know the difference easily.  If you consume this  your body heat will reduce to a great extent.  Not only that, foods which have heat in them.. 

For example, fish, chicken  drumsticks, egg plants.. If you avoid such items  and eat bananas, buttermilk, cucumber.. Until the summers come to an end.  Such that it keeps your body cool. 

One thing. The second thing is.. It's an important thing.  We drink refrigerated water as soon as we step into the house.  As per doctors, if you do such a thing  the chances of getting a stroke are very high.

  • bad headache.

You'll get a bad headache if you immediately switch on the fan or AC.  You might get a stroke.  And soak some fenugreek leaves over night.  If you grind it with curds in the morning  and apply it on your hair and leave it for an hour.  Then if you take a bath, your body will cool down.  If you do this at least once in three days  your body will stay cool.  Try to take a shower after you reach home from outside.  Because you'll be sweaty. Sweat leads to infections.  Try to take a shower after reaching home.  And keep some cotton pads  on your eyes with some rose water.  You'll get rid of eye pain.

  • Conclusion. 

I hope, these summer tips help you.  I end this video now.  But before that  please subscribe, like and comment on our blog.  Alright? See you. Bye. 

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