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Top 5 sleep better tips

hi everyone today article to help you build better daily  structure and be in control of your life.  getting a good night's sleep is crucial  because your sleep has a huge impact on  everything that you're planning to do in  a following day. a good night's sleep  will increase your productivity and  you'll be able to maintain high energy  levels throughout the day. that is why I  put together this list of tips for  better sleep so that you can improve  your sleep quality and boost your  productivity.

about time  management and productivity getting a  good night's sleep is all about  preparation. because if you think about  it there's not much you can do when  you're already in the bed except  counting the shape. it's the same as an  athlete can't change much on a racing  day what matters the most is how he or  she was preparing up to the point of the  racing day and that's why we will cover  all the best strategies and techniques  that you can put in a place to have a  great night of sleep so let's dive in.

Now i am share with you best 5 sleep better tips

  • number one know how much sleep you need

everyone wants to have a better sleep. But rarely people estimate what they're  sleeping needs are because we live in  such a busy world sleep sometimes might  seem like a waste of time. we see sleep as an item on our to-do  list and we don't give it enough value  instead of adapting to our sleeping  needs. we usually do everything else that  needs to be done and then sleep for  whatever time is left got five hours of  sleep. well at least you got something. but that is the wrong way how to  approach sleep as without adopt you'll  be soon accumulating asleep that. you'll fall into never ending cycle if  you don't get enough sleep. then you will  feel tired and unproductive the next day  then because you're less productive  things will take longer to complete. again you'll have less time to sleep to  break out of this cycle.

you have to hit  the pause in your life reflect on your  current situation and make a commitment  to change. because longer you postpone it  the worst things you'll get so instead  of trying to squeeze sleep into your  schedule as another thing to do. you should see sleep as one of the  cornerstones for your productivity and  well-being. if your body needs let's say  eight hours of sleep and you know that  you have to wake up at 6 a.m. then you  have to make sure that you're in a bed  before 10 p.m.

the average sleeping cycle is  90 minutes an average, adult needs 5  cycles for your body to recover and  rejuvenate that is 7 and a half hours of  sleep use this as a starting point and  try it for one week. then based on how  you feel  adjust accordingly there is no magic  formula for figuring out. your sleep so  you'll have to experiment and use trial  and error method to arrive at your final  destination

  • number tow clear your mind

you have probably experienced this by  yourself. you're working on something  important and your mind is constantly  consumed with it you work on it till  late. then go to sleep when you wake  up you feel terrible. because you feel  that your brain has been continuously  processing information and you haven't  slept properly. this is a result of going  to bed with a head full of unsolved  problems.

a great strategy to fix this is  the journal before sleep journaling and  writing things down can help you to  clear your mind. this is also a great way  to reflect on how your day has been  going when you reflect on your daily  activities. it raises your self-awareness  and you will be able to identify common  patterns in your life as well as make  improvements on it. so make journaling  and reflection as part of something you  do every day before sleep only a few  minutes of journaling. per day will make  a huge impact on your sleep and  productivity.

  • number three stay consistent

as humans we all have our internal body clock that  gets used to things as we do them. so if  you want to have a better sleep. then you  have to use it to your advantage to do  that we have to develop the sleeping  schedule and manage our time in a way. so  that we go to the sleep and wake up in  the morning at the same time every day. if you stay consistent with this  schedule then you will soon find it  easier to fall asleep and you'll also  have a better quality of sleep. for sure  some days it won't be possible but if  you stick with your schedule about 90%  of the time. then it is still your  schedule

  • number 4 build evening routine

another great strategy to have a good  night's sleep is to build an evening  routine same as morning routine set you  up for a successful day. ahead your  evening routine will set you up for a  good night sleep rituals are a great way  to build habits. once you practice  them for the certain period of the time  they become automatic and easy to  execute. don't worry  evening routine will not take hours of  your time so be sure that you create  your evening routine that suits your  needs 

  • number five reduce blue light exposure  before bedtime

lastly don't use digital devices before bedtime. I know  everybody is saying it but I still want  to mention it. because it's really  important here's how you can easily do it check your phone about 30 minutes  before bedtime. then set up alarm and put  it on silence once you're comfortable  with 30 minutes try to push back for  another 10 to 15 minutes until you get  to about an hour. once you do that you  will see that the quality of sleep will  improve. you'll wake up in the  morning energetic and ready to take on  the day.

finally question for you  guys what are some tips that you are  using to help you to have a good night's  sleep. please share them  comments below. I hope that you enjoyed  this article and these strategies will  help you to get a better night of sleep. and that in turn will increase your  productivity and well-being.

if you  have any questions about time management  and becoming more productive. then leave  them in the comments below.

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